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Capture new contacts through your website or add existing ones.
Create your newsletter using the simple drag and drop function.
You can easily follow your result through the detailed reports.

Collect contacts

Add contacts, collect new contacts with a signup form or spread your newsletter on social media.

Import existing contacts from your network or use a sign up form to capture visitors and gain new customers. You can also integrate your customer database with Get a Newsletter to keep your lists updated and growing. 

Create newsletters

Creating your own design from Get a Newsletter’s templates is easy – no tech skills needed.

Choose from our templates or create your own templates by our easy drag and drop functionality. Like a puzzle where all the pieces fit all the time!

Whether your email is being read on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, your email will always look its best.

See results

The detailed reports give you invaluable knowledge about your recipients.

Each newsletter has a detailed report that will help you understand what content your recipients think is interesting, which newsletters performed better and much more.

In the report you will be able to follow-up:

  • Open rate
  • Email bounce rate
  • Click through rate
  • Google analytics

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