How to write so people want to read? – interview with Brittney Moffatt

Brittney Moffatt is a content creator and social media strategist who helps ambitious women entrepreneurs build a thriving social media presence, and the founder of 723-member-strong Facebook group ‘Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs‘ where she inspires women to reach their business goals every day.

Brittney Mofatt

 – So, Brittney – I bet you didn’t see this one coming – tell me *your* story (yes, you can go as far back as you want and give us as many gory details as you like, but tell us what you do now as well).


My story is pretty standard! I’m a 25 year old content writer and social media strategist. I love writing! I’ve lived in Cleveland Ohio my whole life but love to travel. I have a fur baby named Luna, an adorable Savannah kitten. I play wayyy to much Sims, but love it. The word I would use to describe myself is ambitious! I loved learning, doing and trying my hardest at anything I do.


– When did you discover your passion for writing?


I discovered my passion for writing when I was heading to college and needed to decide on a major. I knew I wanted to do something that I really loved. So, I started to look at things I liked to do. Went through my childhood and discovered that writing was something I loved. I’ve written children’s books, newspapers, magazines, plays and more just for fun. Once, I realized that, the rest was history!


– What makes good copy? How to write so people actually want to read?


Good copy makes someone feel something, learn something or think about something differently! You’ve got to think about who your audience is and what they want to hear!


– Do you have some top-rules or a fool-proof recipe for writing a great content?


The same rules above!


– Writing can be extremely draining at times, how do you find inspiration and recharge to make sure you can keep delivering these juicy, creative pieces of content consistently?


Having a clearly defined niche. It’s easy to think of a topic when I’m specific in what I talk about. When your niche is too broad, there’s so much to write that there is nothing to write!


– Is content marketing for everyone? Can you write great, engaging copy for any business? Like, say I have a really boring business – I am selling screws online – – can you do great content for that as well?


In my full time job, I write content for plumbing pipes. So, yes!


– Oh, screw it. Give me a small snippet of a great copy for that screw shop.


Uh-oh. I can’t read the language!


– How can a small business with no following use copywriting to increase their chances of getting noticed?


Draw people into your website by writing content relevant to your audience and product. My market is women entrepreneurs. So, I write blogs that would interest women entrepreneurs like products for them, tips for social media and how to manage it all!


– When you first started your copywriting agency, how did you get it in front of your clients in such a crowded market?


Facebook groups are the best! Probably a good 80% of my clients come from my facebook group. My clients trust me because I engage with them in the group.


– Do you find newsletters useful for communicating with your audience?


Newsletters are useful for traffic whether it be to my website or to my facebook group. It’s also great for funneling people through whatever process you need!


– How does the copy for newsletters differ from copy say, for a blog post or social media?


Copy for newsletter doesn’t need to be that different. They key is engaging, relevant and content that makes your audience feel something! I often repurpose content from blogs or social media for my newsletter or vise versa!


– Do you get any crappy newsletters?( I do.) What would you say is the biggest mistake that people / businesses make in their newsletters?


I honestly don’t even read newsletters anymore!  


– How do you grow and use your Facebook group to promote your content?


I post my blog post in my group which seems to work really well! I grow my group by having an easy to find name, Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs, posting in other groups and making sure every channel leads to the group (Twitter, website, instagram, etc.)


– What are the most effective tools (and social media) for content promotion?


It depends on your audience! For me, Facebook and Instagram are perfect! But, it won’t be the same for each person. Figure out where your audience is and how to engage with them!


– So what is your biggest dream and goal now?


My biggest goal is to do my business full time and be able to travel freely. I want to help women entrepreneurs be more confident creating content!


– What makes you happy and fulfilled in your career?


Working with amazing women who are passionate about what they do. It makes me passionate to do so, as well!

– And your biggest goal for 2018 is…?


Start treating my business more like a business instead of a side hustle!


Thanks for taking the time!




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