Mindset Coach Danielle Grant on how to reach your goals and start a profitable coaching business

Are you a high achiever that is struggling to accomplish the personal or professional goals you have set for yourself? Read this interview with Danielle Gant, a mindset coach helping high achievers hit their personal goals with mindset mentoring, to find out how you can break through your issues and get ahead with whatever you are striving to achieve.

Danielle Grant Mindset Coach

–          Danielle, how did you become a mindset coach? What is your story? Did your own personal journey inspire you to become a coach?


At 19 years old I dropped out of college, against my families wishes as I did not feel it was the best educational system for me. I bet everything on myself, not knowing what the future would hold for me, I packed my belongings up and headed off to a big city to gain the education and experience I was seeking. Being a college dropout and not having a degree I was faced with having numerous organizations telling me they couldn’t hire me because I didn’t have the credentials. This kind of resistance brought me to my personal development journey at a young age. I knew that if I was going to succeed with not having a degree then I was going to need to build a strong mindset, strong belief system and ability to overcome the obstacles that I knew were already ahead of me. I started to become a person of yes so that I could experience numerous things and help discover what I was passionate about and what my skill set aligned with. I allowed myself to fall down and then get back up again, taking the lesson with me. Along my journey I was fortunate to have coaches and mentors come into my life to help reinforce my personal development and mindset. As I progressed through my 20s I had jobs that allowed me to see a different aspect then most and to really understand how much crap we have created in our mind that is not conducive to our lives. Being someone who had developed a strong and positive pattern in my mind I found I was always offering advice to others helping them become aware and shift from the negative patterns they had been telling themselves. After spending 10+ years working for other people, climbing the corporate ladder I realized that I no longer wanted to pursue that path and made the shift to become an entrepreneur. They always say that if you are going to work 40+ hours a week for majority of your life then you had better love and enjoy that work. My passion lied in helping others rewire their mind for the positive and allow them to find balance and live a more authentic life. Making the decision to become an entrepreneur also brought a lot of resistance and lessons that were new to me. I was able to see another part of my mind I needed to develop.


–          What is the first step to proverbially ‘changing your life’?


The first step to proverbially changing your life is to truly understand and acknowledge that in order to change your life you need to put action into execution, you need to go through resistance and obstacles and it’s going to be difficult at the beginning.


– What kind of clients do you usually work with? Are there some common patterns that you see among your different clients when it comes to mindset?


I typically work with individuals who have been trying to accomplish their personal or professional goals but keep having resistance and seem to be standing in the same spot as when they started. Common patterns I see with my mindset clients is the inability to see the negative dialogue they are having with themselves towards an event in their lives. Another pattern is trying for a week then allowing their negative mind to tell them they aren’t far enough ahead which causes them to stop moving forward. The last pattern I see is holding on to past events, emotions or people in the mind causing them to not be present or moving forward.


–          How do you help people change?


I help my clients identify the negative patterns they have created.  We get to the root habit; understand what is really going on. I help my clients look at things from a different present perspective, providing them with tools to break their patterns and build new habits which ensures a new positive mindset. I change the words my clients use to speak about things. I show them how much control their mindset has on their life and how much control they have over it. We then start implementing the new mindset towards their goals for completion and growth.


–          The social media these days are littered with motivational quotes and pictures of people in yoga poses. Would you say our culture of ‘personal growth’ really inspires people to become more self-aware and embrace change, or is it only making us feel more confused and guilty?


I would say the social platforms leave us feeling more confused and guilty as it has created this idea that if we scroll and push the like button then instantly that motivation or idea is going to be implemented in our lives because we saw and read it. We get that hit of dopamine when we read these motivational quotes or see these yoga poses because it triggers the positive side of the mind but without actually applying the knowledge you are seeing change cannot happen. I find what really inspires people to become more self-aware and embrace change is when they are able to connect with someone who has gone through this transformation. Social Media does not hold us accountable rather fill our mind with false emotions.


–          What is usually the biggest challenge for someone trying to change their mindset?


The biggest challenge people have with changing their mindset is actually putting in the work at the beginning. Like anything in order to change you have to put in work to see the results. Often times that negative mind gets the best of them right away and they fall victim to it. Changing your mindset requires you to have a lot of inner dialogue with yourself, feeding it with a new pattern.

–          And what is the biggest challenge for you when working with your clients?


The biggest challenge I face when working with my clients is having to explain this resistance and new emotions is needed in order to breakthrough those old patterns. Humans are not programmed to enjoy change. We are not educated on change actually works.


–          How do you find your clients? Or do their find you through your blog, newsletter, social media?


I find my clients by reaching out to them directly, my website and through social media.


–          Imagine you are advising someone who wants to become a professional coach – they have experienced something transformative and want to share their knowledge with others…and turn their passion into a profitable career. Where would you recommend they start?


The first place I would start is letting them know that they do not need a professional title to become a profitable coach. If you have a solution to someone’s problem and can provide a result for them then it does not matter what kind of piece of paper you have. I see lots of people get stuck on this one set and again this is all mindset and not conforming to what society thinks about education. Secondly, I would recommend that they purchase Consulting Accelerator from Sam Ovens. When you are looking to take something like this to the online world then it is important you educate yourself and out of all the courses I have taken this is the one that offers you everything from A to Z in regards to Professional Coaching.


–          What would you recommend to someone who is feeling stuck in their life and doesn’t know where to start?


I would recommend to someone who is feeling stuck to start by journaling or recording on their phones the negative things that happened to them that day and then 5 positive things that happened. Allowing the negative thoughts to leave your mind track and hit the paper allows you to release them, while combating them with bringing in gratitude. Another great place to start is youtube, there are so many motivational quotes, channels, and interviews with great information. If you listen to 1-12 minute video a day providing the same information you will start to see your thoughts and mind slowly shift and allow some clarity to flow to you.

Danielle Gant - Mindset Coach

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“Mindset mentoring is about creating positive forward motion towards your goals, dreams, and aspirations.”



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