How to write good subject lines for your newsletter

Are you looking for good subject lines for your next newsletter? Then you’ve found the right article! To write good subject lines for your newsletter is much more than just an exercise in creative writing. If you write good subject lines the amount of people that will open/read your newsletter could increase.

A study made in Norway show that when they use a headline that combines a question with an audience-referencing cues, for example “Is this your new iPhone4?, the headline generated a higher click-thorough than other headlines, for example “For sale: Black iphone4 16GB”.

To help you write good subject lines, we’ve summarize 5 methods that studies has found to increase opening rate and also gives example of subject lines.

5 methods to write good subject lines
5 methods to write good subject lines
Write a question

Use a question in your subject line, a question get your readers to relate the subject line with their own situation. The best questions are the ones that readers can relate with their past experiences and awakens curiosity.

Some example on subject lines that contains a question:
Are you also a zombie if you don’t have coffee in the morning?
Tired of long-term and ineffective meetings?
Do you make these mistakes when you xxx?

These subject lines work well to get your subscribers to relate the subject line to their own behaviors. They’ll become curious about what you have to say about their behavior and if others have similar behaviors.

Share your knowledge

Sharing knowledge is a great way to strengthen the trust between you and your subscribers. This type of subject lines works well due to it forces you to describe the content in the newsletter in a very clear way.

Example on subject lines if you would like to share your knowledge:
How to interpret the dress code during the summer wedding
How to win new customers in 7 days
How to use xxx

The key for success is to focus on the added value that your subscribers get by opening your newsletter. Be concrete and focus on highlighting the most important.

Use FOMO – Fear of missing out

When we become afraid of losing something, we feel forced to act. Make promotional offers that are limited and encourage your subscribers to open your newsletter and act before it’s too late.

Examples of subject lines that contains FOMO:
X seats left: Book your ticket today!
50% on the entire range, offer expired XX

Make sure that your offer gives your subscribers a higher value for them, so they think that it’s worth to act. If they’ve , for example, shown interest in a product/service earlier? Identify your subscribers and divide them into different lists. Then send out an offer in the newsletter that feels relevant to the recipient.

Tell your subscribers something new

If you use subject lines that indicate that you have something new to tell, there is a chance that your opening rate increase. Your subscribers will experience that you want to tell them something they have not been told before and will be curious.

Examples of subject lines you could use if you want to tell something new:
Preview of our new gallery!
Now we have updated our product range with xxx!

When people notice a gap in their knowledge, a feeling of deprivation starts.  and to stop feeling deprived people starts to search for the missing piece. Research shows that people’s curiosity increase with knowledge – the more people know, the more people want to know.

Use numbers in the subject line

Using numbers in your subject line is a recipe for success. Your subject line becomes more specific and your content more structured. Number also helps to estimate time and expectations. Your subscribers know exactly what they get if they open your newsletter. A study found that we’ve harder to estimate time if we don’t know how long something is going to take.  Another study shows that people prefer numbers in the headlines/subject lines to almost any other types of headlines/subject lines.

Examples of subject lines with numbers:
Save 50% next time you visit XX!
3 easy steps to a safer home for your child
5 ways to optimize your workout

When you are using numbers in your subject lines, it’s good if you think about what number you’re using. If you would like to teach something, use a low number.  A low number will suggests that the process is quick and easy. If you want, on the other hand, add value to your subscribers in form of profitability, for example, how they could save money, then it’s better to use a high number.


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