Good Newsletter Names by Industry to Collect Subscribers

Good newsletter names are as critical for the success of your email marketing as your newsletter content.

After all – calling your newsletter is as important as coming up with the name for a magazine. Your subscribers will often decide whether they want to sign up for your emails or not depending on your newsletter name.

No idea how to call your newsletter? We have some inspiration for you 😉

Let’s see some industry names for newsletters you can use as inspiration for calling yours!

Good Newsletter Names for Weekly Newsletters

The first factor you could consider when picking a name for your newsletter is the frequency of sending, or the day of the week when you send your newsletters. The extra bonus if you name your newsletter after the day you send it will be that you will have an extra motivation to keep to your sending schedule 😉

Here are some good newsletter names if you’re planning on sending weekly:

  •  [Your Name]’s Monday Bulletin
  •  The Weekly Wrap-up
  • The [Your Business Name/ Industry] Weekly Round-up
  • Monday/ Tuesday/ …/ Newsletter by [Your Name]

 Good Newsletter Names for Monthly Newsletters

Similarly to a weekly newsletter, you can base your newsletter name on the monthly send:

  • [Your Name]’s Quarterly/Monthly
  • [Your Name]’s Monthly Roundup
  • [Your Name]’s Monthly Bulletin
  • [Your Name]’s Monthly Wrap-up
  • Best of the Month by [Your Name]
  • [Your Name]’s Monthly Highlights

Good Newsletter Names for Opinion Blogs

If you’re mostly using newsletters to share opinions with your readers, the following names will match the subjective style of your newsletter:

  • [Your Name]’s Show
  • [Your Name]’s Weekly / Monthly Examiner
  • [Your Name]’s Weekly / Monthly Column
  • Thoughts of the Week/ Month by [Your Name]
  • [Your Name] explains
  • [Your Name]’s Telegraph

Good Newsletter Names for Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

Fashion and lifestyle blogs call for more personal touch with a playful twist. Try plays on words

  • [Your Name]’s Highlights – E.g. Laura’s Highlights
  • Style by Laura
  • Laura’s Life Weekly
  • Laura’s Lifestyle
  • Laura’s Magazine
  • This Month’s Beauty Trends by Laura
  • This Month’s Fashion Trends by Laura
  • Beauty & more by Laura

Good Newsletter Names for Travel Bloggers & Travel Services

travel newsletter open rate statistics

If you’re writing a travel blog or offering travel services, make sure you refer to travel-related words (travelling, globetrotting) or the places you are writing about:

  • The Globetrotter’s Magazine vol. 1
  • Travelling with Laura vol. 1
  • Around the World in 80 days with Laura
  • Manor Parks’ News Weekly
  • News from Larmorna Bay
  • The Kiruna Tourguide
  • Snapshots of Zaragossa
  • Mellie’s Mexican Adventures

Good Newsletter Names for Food and Restaurant Business

Good newsletter names for travel industry

With food newsletter names, the key is to make sure they are…mouth watering 😉 You can also come up with good newsletter names for food industry by referring to the cuisine/ diet/ ingredients you are most often writing about:

  • Helen’s Kitchen
  • Recipe of the week by Helen
  • Helen’s scrumptious recipes
  • The Vegan Bulletin
  • Your Monthly Italian
  • Thai Weekly
  • Laura’s Pizza
  • Healthy recipes by Anne
  • Fit & healthy diet tips daily

Good Newsletter Names for Medical Industry

healthcare legal newsletter open rate statistics

Email marketing for medical industry is still a sensitive subject, so make sure your newsletter names sound professional and evoke trust. So skip fancy plays on words and put creativity to rest if you work for a medical clinic and use more ‘conservative’ newsletter names

  • Mayo Clinic’s Weekly Newsletter
  • Zagora Clinic’s Monthly Bulletin

Good Newsletter Names for Ecommerce

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Ecommerce is probably the industry sector where newsletters have been most widely and successfully adopted. Most people who sign up for e-commerce newsletters expect to get emails  with offers from you – so go ahead, make it easier for them by showing the intent of your newsletters in the newsletter name:

  • Monthly Offers by [Your Store’s Name] e.g. Mango
  • Best of the month by Mango
  • Best weekly offers from Mango
  • What’s on sale this week in Mango?
  • All your super-discounts by Mango

Good Newsletter Names for Financial Services

complementary social media and email marketing

Just like medical services, financial services require a bit more professional approach than e.g. fashion or lifestyle:

  • Saving tips by [Your Business’s Name]
  • All around mortgage by [Your Business’s Name]
  • Your monthly financial advice by [Your Business’s Name]
  • Financial tip of the week by [Your Business’s Name]
  • Money Matters by [Your Business’s Name]
  • How to get rich with [Your Name]

Hope these ideas for good newsletter names in different industries have spurred your creativity a bit 😉 Do you have any other ideas in the industries above? Or would you like us to cover another industry?

Let us know in the comments!


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