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“I have always admired products, scientific as well as others, who managed to live up to Einstein’s motto “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Get a Newsletter has managed that and I’m full of admiration. Easy to use yet contains all the features you could wish for.”


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To make it easy for you to create stunning newsletters we’ve combined user friendly design and technology. All you need do is to select a template, add images, text and press send.


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Find out how big your opening rate is, what time your subscribers have read your newsletter and which offers or articles they’ve clicked on. You’ll get all the data you need about your leads interactions with your newsletters.

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Choose one of the templates that our experts have design or let the creativity flow freely and create your own design. You can also take a look at what typ of newsletters other users have crafted and get inspired for your next newsletter.

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